quitting a good job in a down economy

why does doing something courageous feel like doing something stupid?


how long do you keep greeting cards?

i tackled that box tonight. you know that box. the one with old photos and holiday cards you always meant to get around to organizing. the box that sits in the corner of the (insert area) closet, bedroom, attic, you name it. i found my cards to my husband, his cards to me, cards from … Continue reading how long do you keep greeting cards?


So far, Pusan > Seoul. It's colder and windier here, though and there aren't as many coffee shops as in Seoul, not that any of those were open before 10 a.m. anyway. I took the KTX high-speed last night to Pusan--roughly $50 and a 2.5 hr ride. Today, I''m staying in Elysee Motel, which is … Continue reading Pusan

favorite feline

Just wrapped libel and privacy policy assignments. I'm going to get a P in this class for sure. Alas. I have learned a ton this semester. Brain powers, activate! I want to run away to some tropical, underdeveloped country, eat street food and take college classes for the rest of my life. Who's with me? … Continue reading favorite feline