Road ID

who do single people put as their emergency contacts? i'm ordering a Road ID and putting brother Ed as my primary but beyond that..flummoxed. i think i'll put dependable TT.  

favorite feline

Just wrapped libel and privacy policy assignments. I'm going to get a P in this class for sure. Alas. I have learned a ton this semester. Brain powers, activate! I want to run away to some tropical, underdeveloped country, eat street food and take college classes for the rest of my life. Who's with me? … Continue reading favorite feline

separation terms

talking separation terms with my husband..s'all come down to business now. stopping to think about it makes my heart hurt. so i don't. besides, plenty of STGD BS (shit-to-get-done-before-sanford). i saw my first shooting star this weekend @ emerald isle (smile).

from my friend jonathan

I send you in this email a suit of "virtual emotional armor." You will gird yourself with this emotional armor and thus protected will conduct yourself courageously as you take the necessary steps required to forge a new life. You will emerge on the other side of this trial safe, sound and very self-assured.