Pretty Intense

October 17, 2018 Mantras Action words: tackle, accept, grow, learn, love, forgive, face, let go, relax, dream, dance Value words: honesty, integrity, growth, love, dreams, family, curiosity, intrepidness, truth, faith, abundance, forgiveness, self-love, respect, kindness, patience, reliability Goal words: strong, powerful, big, self-love, fun, joy, travel, commitment, home, health, speed, faith, self-trust, confidence, language Mantras: … Continue reading Pretty Intense

Eat That Frog!

I am reading (rereading? finishing?) Eat That Frog! I love this book. It's the anti-– productivity book. The basic premise is you will never have time to do everything you want to do when your life, so you better damn well focus on what is most important. I relate to Funke's words read at her … Continue reading Eat That Frog!

Feeling sad

Today, especially, I am thinking of Funke and her family with gratitude for bringing her into the world and for being able to know her but sadness for not being able to talk with her one more time. She brought out the best. The best.