Destination Wedding

I watched this movie last night, fast-forward watched it really, and only because Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder are such beautiful creatures. My favorite line from the movie: "You can't die from jumping out of a basement window." Translation - take a chance, live fully.

a prayer

dear god, please give me courage and strength to be kind to others, to put their well-being and hearts above of my own selfishness. dear god, please give me discipline, to do self-care, to work the Steps, and to love myself, so i can better love others. i ask you this, god, please, help me. … Continue reading a prayer

Pretty Intense

October 17, 2018 Mantras Action words: tackle, accept, grow, learn, love, forgive, face, let go, relax, dream, dance Value words: honesty, integrity, growth, love, dreams, family, curiosity, intrepidness, truth, faith, abundance, forgiveness, self-love, respect, kindness, patience, reliability Goal words: strong, powerful, big, self-love, fun, joy, travel, commitment, home, health, speed, faith, self-trust, confidence, language Mantras: … Continue reading Pretty Intense