Sh!t kids say

Emmaly asked me yesterday, while we were making vision boards: "What do you do when I'm not here, just sit around?" I asked her what she did when I wasn't there, just sit around. Kids come into this world as little narcissists, don't they? And it or job as adults to reverse that trend.


What makes you feel alive?

I am back on a recovery path – yes! – And re-reading notes from You are a Badass (what a fun book), so I am thinking this morning about what makes me happy and what makes me feel most alive. As of this moment in time: Running in the woods Swimming in the lake Being … Continue reading What makes you feel alive?

Today I am 44.

And I am thankful to be alive. I have so much to be grateful for. My day started beautifully. I had coffee with my would-have-been colleague from the Community College System. He told me about the plans their team had for me, of eventually taking the CTE Director role, and he talked about how hard … Continue reading Today I am 44.