You Are a Badass at Making Money

March 1, 2019

Chapter 12

  1. The biography of someone who is rich and inspiring to me?
  2. Habits I will quit
    1. Surfing the Internet looking at celebrity, gossip sites
    2. Going to bed late late late
    3. Pulling the ends of my hair

I am grateful to money because money frees me from having to work 9-to-5.

Chapter 9

  1. I might have to give up to get there:
    1. Emmaly
    2. Steve
    3. My belief about not being good enough
    4. My job
    5. Ginger?
  2. Upgrading my environment
    1. Home–painting the rooms I can
    2. Car–cleaning the car
    3. Clothes–spending $200 to expand my work clothes, so I don’t have to think about getting dressed in the morning
    4. Appearance–getting a good haircut
    5. Exercise–adding yoga back into my life
    6. Food–Operationalizing dinner (salad bowls)
    7. Music–adding music back into my life, e.g., when I get home, to work meetings
    8. News–reading a trade publication every day to learn about my industry
  3. Make two, new, high-vibe friends. (What?)

I am grateful to money because money helps me take care of myself and do nice things for other people.

March 1, 2019
Chapter 8

  1. Obstacles to getting rich:
    • I don’t have any marketable skills. (I lucked into this job. I don’t deserve the salary I make currently. I hope they don’t find out.)–>I have plenty of marketable skills, including my ability to sell, to make connections, and to see opportunity. My salary has grown for the past 15 years. My income will continue to grow. 
    • You have to spend money to make money; I will have to risk a huge amount of money (and risk my future) to make money.–>So, I may have to spend some money to make some money. I am not afraid of risk. I am a risk taker. I have taken calculated risks in my life that have made me successful. 
  2. My money bottom lines:
    • I am going to keep $3,200 in my savings account every month. (And I will raise this amount next month.)
    • I am going to keep $200 in my checking account every month.
  3. Something extravagant I bought this month (that felt decadent and inspired me) were AirPods for 175 DOLLARS (with tax), omg. Still, my quality of life, in being able to talk to people on the phone and listen to Michelle Obama’s book has greatly improved. And I have a small sense of, “I am worth it. This is not frivolous, and this is improving my quality of life.”
  4. One big, scary, nonnegotiable decision that will move me toward my financial goal?
    • Erm…I will spend that money on a front deck, because it will improve the quality of my life, value of his house, and act as a catalyst for updating the rest of this house. Really, what am I waiting for?
    • Erm…I will set aside $1,000 to work with YoungDoo or someone else on a “Late Bloomers Do it Better” brand.

I am grateful to money because money improves the quality of the short life I have to live.

February 15, 2019
Chapter 7
Five reasons I have faith in myself:

  1. Because, God. I am a child of God.
  2. Because, history. I have totally not screwed up my life thus far.
  3. Because I am determined; and tenacious.
  4. Because I am a good person.
  5. Because if I don’t have faith in myself, who else will???

I am grateful to money because money loves me and comes to me because I kick butt at work and am smart to save and invest.

February 2, 2019
Chapter 6
Whys for getting rich:

  1. I want to be able to travel whenever I want to see family whenever I want and have them see each other as well.
  2. I want to be able to spend my life cultivating joy, like becoming fluent in Korean, becoming skilled in piano, raising a child.
  3. I want to eat crab legs every night. Seriously, I want freedom to make choices about my work and where I live that are not based on money.

To commit to my Whys, I will cut out pictures of my family in Korea, surfing in the ocean, and a family and post them where I can see them every day.

Three things I am focusing on in my financial life in a negative light:

  1. My house is a drag on my resources, will keep me broke, and is a waste of money. My house is earning me money, and I choose to keep it or sell it.
  2. There is nothing else I can do to make a lot of money; I don’t have portable skills. There are so many pathways for me to make money, from starting a new business, teaching English, to other options I have not thought up yet.
  3. I don’t and I won’t have enough to retire. I will have all the money I need to retire plus help my family if they need help PLUS leave money behind wherever I want to leave it, e.g., Equal Justice Initiative, Methodist Home for Children.

I am grateful to money because money buys freedom and opportunities.

January 30, 2019
Chapter 5

Fantasy day in the life:
I wake up to go surfing, come back to the house, and have coffee on the porch.
My kiddo? wakes up, and we have breakfast together, then both get ready for school and work. I ride my bicycle to work where I am involved with social justice work. I work with people I respect, and we work hard for tangible results in individuals’ lives.
I pick my kiddo up from school, and we stop by Whole Paycheck on the way home for a cup of hot chocolate, then head home to do homework for her and finish work for me.
I exercise while she is doing homework and check her homework when she is finished.
(This dream day feels less like it involves a child.)

I wake up in the morning next to my partner, long legs intertwined. He stays in bed, while I go for a run on the beach. Or we make out, then we get up together for a run on the beach or a short swim. We have a green smoothie, and I bike to work, while he starts his day working at home.

This feels like a bullshit chapter.

January 23, 2019
Chapter 4
Five limiting words or phrases I use about money:
– materialistic, people who use their money for big houses, etc.
– no taste
– wasteful
– arrogant
– superior

What belief is blocking me from making money?
That I can’t? Make a lot of money
Why not? 
Because I am not “good enough” at anything, at a specific something
Because it is too risky to start a capital-intensive business, for example
But I am just as smarter, smarter?, and as determined as other people who make money

One superexciting reason I want to make money?
I want to have a family, adopt a child. Having an insane amount of money would mean I wouldn’t have to work for money and I would have a ton of support, so I could have respite when I need it, and still be able to enjoy a life of travel and friendships.

I am grateful to money because money offers freedom to live my dreams.

January 16, 2019
Chapter 3
Five positive words to describe money:

I am grateful to money because money frees to make choices.

January 8, 2019
Chapter 2
Mantra: I love money and money loves me.

Five things I remember my parents telling me about money:
1. We did not have enough money.
2. Money is not meant to be wasted, i.e., buy things on sale.
3. Get a good job so you can make a lot of money, i.e., be a doctor or lawyer so…
4. Send me money every month (like a good, Korean kid).
5. That is too expensive, e.g., that dish, that jacket, etc.

Negative thoughts that come up:
1. We do not have enough money. What is enough money?
I have enough money to feed, house, and take care of myself.

2. Money is not meant to be wasted. What does it mean to waste money really?
Money supports things that make my and others’ lives comfortable.

3. Get a good job so you can make a lot of money. What does a good job look like, is it only based on salary?
Money flows when I am doing something I love and am good at.

4. Send me money every month. What does it mean to be a “good” daughter?
Money is abundant for me to live a full life and help my family when they need it.

5. That is too expensive. Am I worth spending money on that?
Money supports my health, happiness, and well-being.

Most compelling, new truth
Money supports my health, happiness, and well-being.

Areas I have been clinging to security
My romantic relationship with Steve; not moving forward; stuck.

I am grateful to money because money keeps a roof over my head and keeps me warm, secure, and safe.

January 5, 2019
I want to be intentional about creating wealth, cutting expenses, saving, and leaving money for a greater good, and I don’t think I will get there by working a 9-to-5 alone. I am reading You are a Badass at Making Money and plan to read more money books in 2019 to figure out how to get there. I will give this book a try

Chapter 1
Mantra: I love money because I love myself.

All the reasons why I deserve money:
1. I am smart and would put money to good use.
2. Nobody deserves money, therefore I deserve money as much as anyone?
3. I am a child of God, and if money is a tool to fulfill potential, I deserve to have money.
4. I deserve money because I am giving and would give money to help others.
5. I have worked in my life more than many “trustafarians.” I am no less deserving.
6. I deserve money because I deserve to be happy, and money is a tool to live a full life.
7. I deserve money because I deserve to be healthy, and money is a tool to buy good food.
8. I deserve money because I love to learn and explore, and money is a tool to travel.
9. I deserve money because I love my friends and family, and money is a tool to see them.
10. I deserve money because I want to secure my future and health.
I see, this does get easier.

Some beautiful things that have happened in this world thanks to money:
1. Children’s smiles are corrected thanks to money.
2. A children’s hospital in Cambodia was built thanks to money (USAID).
3. The “lynching museum” was constructed in Montgomery thanks to money.
4. The Taj Mahal was built with money.
5. The UNC MPA program has created a diversity scholarship thanks to money.
6. I received a grad school RA stipend thanks to contributions from alumni.
7. I was able to move to Korea and live and take classes thanks to my grandmother.
8. Funke’s headstone was able to be purchased and erected thanks to money.
9. Andreas has a job critiquing film thanks to people spending money to see films.
10. Second Chance Pets was able to be open and for me to find Miss P thanks to money.
11. Steve’s kids are able to be educated and reach their potential thanks to his money.
12. Diane’s cancer is able to be treated at Dana Farber thanks to money.
13. Emmaly and I have had wonderful experiences, e.g. SkyZone, thanks to money.

All the awesome things and experiences money will add to my life:
1. I will be able to fix this house up and rent it without worry!
2. I will be able to foster or adopt and have supportive child care without worry.
3. I will be able to choose work independent of pay thanks to money.
4. I will be able to create, e.g., a nonprofit, without the need to work for money.
5. I will be able to create a scholarship in Funke’s name or in mine.
6. I will be able to leave money behind to Methodist Home for Children.
7. I will be able to take my mother and family on holiday together.
8. I will be able to visit Korea whenever I want, even living there part-time.
9. I will be able to have a home overseas, e.g., live in Indonesia, to explore Asia.
10. I will be able to visit Africa.
11. I will be free to create business plans and projects to improve the world.
12. I will be free to visit friends and family when I want.
13. I will be able to learn a language more easily with a tutor and more free time.
This list gets easier and easier to create.

A list of how me being rich will benefit others:
1. I will be free to visit friends and family and pay for them to go on trips if needed.
2. I will be free to create business plans and projects to improve the world.
3. I will be able to create a scholarship.
4. I will be able to leave a significant estate to Methodist Home for Children and others.
5. I will be able to give a child, or children, a home.
6. I will be able to donate to causes that affect people I love, e.g., breast cancer research.
7. I may run for office?
8. I will be able to bring family and HyeonJin from Korea to visit me here.
9. I will be able to make my home a place that people can feel comfortable to visit.
10. I will be able to be an example to others that having money is ok and very possible.

I am grateful to money because money creates possibilities in my life. Money liberates me to be more creative.

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