a prayer

dear god,
please give me courage and strength to be kind to others, to put their well-being and hearts above of my own selfishness. dear god, please give me discipline, to do self-care, to work the Steps, and to love myself, so i can better love others. i ask you this, god, please, help me. i ask for your guidance over my decisions. i ask for your help with the bigger issues i struggle with and have been too scared to face. god, i hand this over to you. i know i have been too weak and too confused and scared to do this alone. i ask for your help. you have given me so much; people i love and can call for help and guidance. i ask you to use me as a tool of love, so that i can offer myself as an example of love and hope to others as well.

dear god,
take away my selfishness. give me the courage to change the things i can.

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