Pretty Intense

October 17, 2018


Action words: tackle, accept, grow, learn, love, forgive, face, let go, relax, dream, dance

Value words: honesty, integrity, growth, love, dreams, family, curiosity, intrepidness, truth, faith, abundance, forgiveness, self-love, respect, kindness, patience, reliability

Goal words: strong, powerful, big, self-love, fun, joy, travel, commitment, home, health, speed, faith, self-trust, confidence, language


  • One thing at a time
  • 열심히 살자
  • Two tears in a bucket, motherfuck it
  • Feelings are only temporary
  • I am the agent of my life
  • Is it something I want to do/B/or have, does it take me in the direction I want to go, and does it not fuck anybody over?

October 13, 2018

Fitness Goals

  1. Do a pull-up (or chin-up)
  2. Run a 7-minute mile
  3. Do a handstand
  4. Do a full lotus
  5. Place my palms on the floor when I bend over to touch my toes

October 13, 2018

Vision Board

Danica Patrick almost killed me this week with the lower-body workout–a ladder of broad jumps and squats that surprisingly killed my abs.

It’s a quiet Saturday afternoon. Steve is at the coffee shop, and I have the afternoon to myself to meditate, clean the house, read, think about what I want in life.

As far as the pictures on my phone (another of these Pretty Intense questions), I have pictures of:

  • friends–photos messaged to me + some I took with friends and me
  • Emmaly–times we spend together, looking at big-ass pumpkins, for example
  • my cat–she’s cute
  • food–e.g., the Pamlico Sound shrimp from Walking Fish this week or salmon roe
  • text messages–someone I love said something loving and I want the reminder
  • odd things, like Venus Flytraps with fly carcasses
  • Steve–in various poses around town
  • my house–especially when it is clean and cozy
  • travel and nature

October 3, 2018

Big Dreams

A few of the most important goals for me to accomplish…

  1. ProfessionallyStart a business; become my own boss.
    1. Start a nonprofit that brings people closer together.
    1. Work in another country (in a non-English-teaching job?).
  2. EmotionallyGive a child a home.
    1. Make a commitment to someone I want to spend my life with.
    1. Become close to my mom; spend meaningful time with my mom.
  3. SpirituallyAccept and love myself without reservation.
    1. Believe in God and the abundance of the universe.
    1. Become a mother.

September 30, 2018

The Natural Vibes Wish List

  1. List three places within twenty minutes of your home where you can experience the vibes of nature today.
    1. Dix Park
    1. Umstead Park
    1. Chavis Park
    1. Fred Fletcher Park
  2. List three amazing places within five hours’ drive where you can take a weekend to relax in nature.
    1. Blue Ridge Parkway
    1. The beach! Emerald Isle, Wrightsville…
    1. Hanging Rock State Park
  3. List three natural wonders or national parks in the United States that you’ve always wanted to visit.
    1. the Grand Canyon
    1. Death Valley
    1. Yellowstone National Park
    1. Tetons National Parks
  4. List three places anywhere in the world that would be your dream escape from civilization.
    1. Sri Lanka
    1. Vietnam
    1. an island in Indonesia or Thailand

September 27, 2018

The Personal Space Quiz

I like this Pretty Intense book. The chapters are no more than six pages long, so I can read a chapter at night and get a sense of completion and accomplishment.

Tonight, I went to a safety meeting with our neighborhood police officer, rode my bike home in the pouring rain, did 20 minutes of this African dance cardio (so much fun), and read a chapter of PI. This chapter is about building your own personal space, and it ends with a quiz:

  1. When I’m not working on something, I feel b) worried that I’m not being productive.
  2. While reading this chapter, I c) put the book down once or twice and got involved with something else (took some vitamins and drank water).
  3. When I’m alone, I feel a) happy.
  4. When I want to work on something, I c) put it off until the right time, which never seems to come.
  5. If I have to stop midway through, I often c) can’t seem to get back to the task no matter what.
  6. My mind most often feels b) like I’m struggling to find balance.
  7. If I’m home alone for the night, I will definitely b) watch TV or surf the web.
  8. The last time I turned off my phone was c) there’s an off switch?
  9. Compared to other people, my life is c) not up to par most of the time.
  10. Where are my keys? a) Right where they belong

c) stands for chaos; finding a time for yourself and spending more time in quiet meditation could really help.

September 26, 2018

From Pretty Intense:

Mind River

  1. I am happiest when I am authentic and in the company of people I love.
  2. My favorite physical feature about myself is my lips? my hands?
  3. My favorite thing to do when I have free time is read. Travel. Cook something new.
  4. If I were to go on vacation anywhere I wanted, it would be to Africa. Ethiopia or Tanzania?
  5. If someone were to describe me with one word, it would be insecure.
  6. If I close my eyes and think of my favorite person, it would be Funke. Steve. 
  7. Given one hour of free time, I would play the piano.
  8. If someone gave me a million dollars, I would travel around the world. Save at least half. Endow a scholarship for a foster child agency. Throw a party.
  9. The most important thing to me is to be authentic and loving before I die.
  10. If I could do any job, it would be teaching.

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