I am in love with reading right now. There is a line in Cutting for Stone where the character talks about retiring to catch up on reading. Yes. I get that.

I am reading a couple of different books right now:

Cutting for Stone, what to say? This is one of the best books I have ever read. So immersive and heartbreaking. I will be sad to finish.


Tonight, I did Danica Patrick’s fit test from Pretty Intense. Holy sh!t. I have gained about 10 pounds in the last few months and I can feel it. It took an hour to finish 100 squats, 100 knee pushups, 100 butterfly situps, and 100 lunges; 3/4 of that time was spent on pushups. I hope I can lift a coffee mug in the morning.


21 Days is a Louise Hay book. I have read the first chapter. Not bad. From what I have read about Louise Hay, she had a traumatic childhood and dedicated her life to improving her sense of self worth and helping others too. The audio meditations feel dated and from the 80s, so I think I am going to stick to meditating with Insight Timer in the morning, then doing the mirror work affirmations and just reading Louise Hay’s meditations instead of listening to them.

mirror work

At the same time, I really want to finish Step 1 this week (and all of the 12 Steps by my next birthday?!), so I am trying to cut myself some slack and say, “One thing at a time,” and ask, “What is most important?” It’s a quandary I get myself into, wanting to do everything, thinking there is time to do everything, which is the premise of the Frog book, that you don’t.

“In any case,” as John Shaw would say, I am in love with reading right now. Reading even a chapter a night feels like self love, and a few times a week, I am in the bath pruning it up for an hour reading the Kindle hoping I don’t drop it in the water. Is this escapism or bibliotherapy helping me on a subconscious level get unstuck? I don’t know, but thank God for simple pleasures. And the library.


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