Rainbow over Dingle

Are you kidding me?

I have seen six rainbows today. And now a double rainbow. I die. It’s too much. I can’t take it. More Millennial-speak: “That rainbow is everything.” LOL.

Seriously though, I wonder if Irish people even register these rainbows anymore?

I will tell you each time I saw a rainbow today, I felt it was presenting itself just for me.

I was feeling a little blue prior to rainbow-palooza.

This afternoon driving around Slea Head reminded me of Darrell and our trip to New Zealand, which is the last place I drove on the left side of the road.

I felt sad and ashamed of thinking about how badly I treated Darell When he had put together a whole itinerary to show me his country, and I was such a bitch to him and strung him along in ensuing years.

I thought of Darrell from time to time this year and I know there is some processing I need to do of that relationship and action I want to take in my life to put that time in the past and to believe what happened was for the best.

Today I was thinking about how much I have gotten wrong about how to live life and how to love someone and how open and vulnerable Darrell was with me.

I know Darrell has moved on and is happy, so the sadness is for me and the loss of what could’ve been with shame and guilt over not being able to change my actions.

I reminded myself what Dr. Rabinowitz told me during marriage counseling that feelings pass.

After scenic Slea Head Drive, I hiked Eask Tower today. I left 2 euro in the honor box and walked up the muddy hill past multi-colored sheep this time.I turned around for perspective, and there was a rainbow over Dingle.It felt like a present just for me. So vivid and almost glowing over the bay, I could make out ROYGBIV so clearly.

The hike up the hill took maybe 30 minutes. I followed three young men who went straight up rather than wind around the muddy trail.This is the view from the top.The air was fresh, sheep were grazing, and I could listen to the waves crash and enjoy the solitude, as there was not a soul nearby.

At the bottom of the hill, the hillkeeper? flagged me over to wash my shoes at the spigot outside her barn. We had a short chat about how horrible the weather has been. She said this is the worst she’s ever seen. Last week, they had snow, and all winter, rain. “The sheep are lambing next week, and we’ll have to put them in the barn on feed, because there isn’t enough grass.”

This is not enough grass?

I thanked her, got in my car, then it began to hail.

Then five minutes later, sunshine and another rainbow.This one seemed brighter than the last.

On the drive out of County Kerry, I drove through several more, including a handful of double rainbows.

I feel grateful.

One thought on “Rainbow over Dingle

  1. dddish says:

    Wow! Truly spectacular! Thank you for sharing the beautiful countryside and your innermost thoughts. What a wonderful adventure! XO, DD 😘💕☘️💚

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