Being a Big Sister

Makes me slow down.

Emmaly came over Sunday just after I returned home from visiting Steve in VA.

At 5pm on a Sunday, museums and fishmongers are closed, so we made do with what I had in the house. We steamed edamame, boiled a bag of frozen squid chunks my mother had given me, stir-fried tiny minnows as a Korean side dish, and pan-fried some dumplings. Thank goodness this kid is an adventuresome eater. Note to self: always keep a stocked freezer.

I asked Emmaly questions about school, being 11 years old now, her rollerskating birthday party, and her plans for the week. I asked her about her report card, which made her remember the progress report in her book bag, which she had FORGOTTEN to give to her mother. *eyeroll*

Emmaly had all 3 out of 4s in her subject areas except for two 2s in science regarding inherited traits. We spent an hour at the kitchen table talking about the difference between inherited and non-inherited traits and why sharing an interest with your mother in bowling is not an inherited trait. Emmaly had a hard time with this one; I think she understood inherited traits as only those you could see as coming from your parents. We brainstormed different, inherited traits beyond those you might be able to see in your mother or father. We did not talk about the gray area of personality traits, but we did talk a little bit about blended traits, for example, my mother has black hair, my father has blonde hair, and I have brown here. That seemed a bit complicated, so we left the science discussion at that.

I hope Emmaly understood the differences between inherited traits and non-inherited traits. Whenever she and I do homework together, I think how easily Emmaly could fall behind in school, or how easy it is for kids to fall behind if they don’t have an adult spending time with them on their schoolwork. I only see Emmaly a few times a month, but I hope it makes a small difference in her schoolwork.

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