Singing our hearts out in San Antonio

Tonight, I think a man at the Itron party wanted to talk to me, and I didn’t realize until later. Blake and I were on the upper level hanging out with a few party crashers from Mars (the M&M maker) and a man who had Happy Birthday sung to him earlier. The birthday boy asked if we wanted to take our party to the dance floor.

After we were dancing, he asked if this wasn’t better than hanging out on the upper level, and later offered to buy a song for me, when I joked the piano players didn’t know “Rapper’s Delight,” which I had requested hours earlier.

At the end of the night, when Emmit, Blake, and I were leaving, I went to retrieve my blinking, swag glass for Emmit’s wife and ran into the birthday boy again. He asked where I got the glass, and I told him at the end of the bar. He lamented he couldn’t make it through the crowd to get one, so I offered to get him a birthday glass, as the bar was on the way to the exit. He said something like the glass and I were different, which I did not understand, but I squeezed us through the crowd and got him a blinking glass then met Blake and Emmit outside. I explained why I was late, and Emmit replied that the guy wanted to dance with me.

We ran into each other again outside as Emmit and I waited for a cab. The M&M, birthday crew came out, and the guy thanked me for the glass and said it was nice to meet me then touched me on the shoulder as they passed. After Emmit and I got in the cab, we stopped at the corner where the group was waiting, and he leaned over and looked into the cab and waved.

What a sweet exchange.

I could be misreading this man wanted to talk to me (and I am not in a position to talk to dudes anyway). I never get these signals unless they are overt, but I have learned that when a man touches you, on your arm or back or in a small way, it usually means he likes you. I wish I was less shy and picked up cues and was in a position to respond. But it was a sweet experience in any case.

Emmit and I closed the night down with burgers and free karaoke at Southtown 101, aka the best bar on the planet–Emmit with early 90s grunge and me with Smoke Robinson; you can’t go wrong with “I Second That Emotion.”

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