Who do you love? Intentionally building relationships in 2018

I just had a wonderful exchange with a guy friend from my Friday night group. It made me think how lucky I am to have the friends I have and know some of the people I know. I want to be intentional about nurturing relationships with people I love and getting to know people I think are pretty cool. I know there won’t be enough time to do all of these relationships justice, like when you leave dinner with a good friend and think, “gosh that was too short. I wish we had had more time to talk.”

I know Funke felt this too. She said in her 25 things poem that she often felt bad for not reaching out to people she loved more often even though she thought about them all the time. In fact, Funke was the best at staying in touch with her loved ones and letting you know she thought about you. I want to be more like her.

There are people in my life who make me feel seen and supported and who inspire me with their courage or compassion or visceral enjoyment of life. Frankly, I want to expand those positive, feedback loops, and the older I get, the more I understand the meaning of life is love.

That’s a long lead up to my fluid friendship list of people I want to love and know better:

  1. Susan Austin
  2. Ate Ball
  3. DD
  4. Wendy B
  5. Sharon Campen
  6. Jerry Carter
  7. Laura & Tess
  8. Norman
  9. Rebecca
  10. Karla and Ambrosia and Sheila
  11. Doug Donie
  12. Frank and Ray Dog
  13. Mark Ezzell
  14. E
  15. JP
  16. Fulghum
  17. Fouzia
  18. Jodi
  19. Wendy G
  20. Jan
  21. Pom
  22. Mark my cousin
  23. Micah
  24. Susan Harrison
  25. Westover friends
  26. MPA friends
  27. KimShala
  28. Michele Hoyman
  29. Tri
  30. Polly
  31. Linda
  32. Tom
  33. Eric Kang
  34. Kawan
  35. Jody
  36. Kathy Kondas
  37. Klaus
  38. Peanut butter and Jenny
  39. Marcel
  40. Ruth
  41. YoungDoo
  42. Bunmi
  43. Youngjin?
  44. Jenn Radcliffe
  45. Richburg
  46. Derrick
  47. Robitaille
  48. Eddie and Carla
  49. Tommy
  50. John Shaw
  51. Brenda
  52. Bill shroyer
  53. Yunsu
  54. Su ji
  55. Narsi
  56. Wilbur
  57. Mo
  58. SVL
  59. Carole
  60. Girl Jamie
  61. Grace and family

Damn, this list is too long, and I left myself off.

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