2018 IHAWTs

I have always wanted to…

  1. Watch all of the Hiyao Miyazaki movies
  2. Learn a martial art
  3. Document my family tree – start today, find software
  4. Read Walden
  5. Read Civil Disobedience
  6. Learn to code; make an app
  7. Love myself completely – self-care plan, recovery plan
  8. Surf!
  9. Start a business – Korean spa?
  10. Have faith
  11. Live in another country
  12. Give a child a home
  13. Play an instrument – piano
  14. Speak another language – Korean, Italian
  15. Talk with my cousin Chuho in Korean!
  16. Act in a play
  17. Throw a block party
  18. Teach a middle school class
  19. Create a scholarship
  20. Sit in lotus
  21. Go to a yoga ashram for a month
  22. Run a 7-minute mile
  23. Do a pullup (but a chinup will do)
  24. Rock a bikini
  25. Organize all my photos in the cloud
  26. Compose a breathtaking photograph – photography class?
  27. Hug a koala
  28. Visit Africa

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