Be an example

Is what my friend Chris Richburg said to me tonight.

I feel so sad. I had a few beers this evening and started talking with someone at the bar who is a Trump supporter. I don’t know why our conversation got under my skin. I am crying. He said so many mean things about Obama causing racial inequality, fighting for our heritage, Ferguson being about people not listening to the police, and sympathizing with George Zimmerman. I asked why he voted for Trump. And I asked if he was in the NRA. I told him I couldn’t understand how a father with two young daughters could vote for a man who admitted to sexually assaulting women. He told me Hillary Clinton killed people, went after the women her husband slept with, embezzled money, and so on. When I told him, as a woman, I couldn’t understand how one could vote for a man who admitted to sexual assault, he said it was “locker room talk.” On the one hand, he said he was unhappy with Donald Trump as president, and on the other hand, he talked about protecting our country and our Heritage. (WTF is that?) He must’ve talked for 20 or 25 minutes, and I should’ve gotten up and walked away, but I kept thinking this person would redeem himself. That I would see a glimpse of humanity. But all I saw was fear and closed mindedness. But it made me so sad. He berated me for labeling him! And all the while said he was open minded and respecting of other people. I don’t know why this bothers me so much. I’m sad. I feel really sad to know that this kind of fear and hatred and intentional ignorance exists in the world.

But God gave me my friend Chris Richburg, whom I have known for almost 25 years. I can’t say I have been a very good friend to Chris. I haven’t called him often. But we talked tonight, and Chris had loving words. He said things are crazy in the world right now, and all you can do is share your love. Be an example. Be the kind of person you want other people to be. Find something to do in your own community. And build your community. Be around people who are like you, who have love in their hearts.

I thank God for Chris and our conversation tonight. I love him. I still kind of want to go home to cry and eat a tub of chocolate ice cream though.

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