The Travelers’ Century Club

I read a BBC article last week about the Travelers’ Century Club (TCC). I love that one of the spotlighted subjects was a teacher who grew up on a tobacco farm in North Carolina, a Tar Heel George Bailey of sorts.


It’s a Wonderful Life, 1946

I am interested in TCC’s recommended travel list (more than I am interested in joining TCC), as some thought has been given to adding places that have distinct cultures to this list (of 325).

So far, I have visited 19 places on this list. Nineteen. At this rate, I will never reach 100 countries before I die. And that’s ok. This is someone else’s list, not mine, and I am not interested in attaining an arbitrary number of places visited. Besides, there is so much to see and so many people to meet in any given place, and places and politics and people are ever changing, e.g. Catalonian independence in Barcelona, regardless of the outcome of the political process there, the sentiment in the city will be different next year, won’t it? However, this is a really inspirational list of IHAWTs and LFTs. Yes, I want to visit the tiny island of Niue, drink Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia, see aurora australis from Stewart Island, hug a koala in Australia, and eat a pomegranate in Iran. Just thinking about visiting these places and meeting people there makes me smile.

Check out the Travelers’ Century Club. You don’t have to join but you might be inspired.

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