Listening to live jazz @Monkfest in Durham

Duke University did such a great job creating an homage to Monk in the lobby.

I have been looking forward to Monkfest for months!
Diane is right, life is better when you have LFTs.

Tonight I saw Chris Potter the saxophonist, extremely ridiculously highly recommended by my friend and AM running partner CJ aka Crotchety Joe. I met my friend Peanut Butter Boy Jamie out, and we enjoyed a raucous set punctuated by two soulful ballads. What an evening!



I don’t know anything about playing the saxophone, but even I could tell Chris Potter was amaze balls–in a higher stratosphere than Melissa Aldana, who was stellar (although Melissa Aldana might have conveyed more emotion in her music, so why compare?). But Chris Potter, oh my God, and he put on a clinic. I kept thinking as I watched Potter on sax, Victor Lewis on drums, and David Williams on bass that jazz musicians must have happy wives. They move their fingers with such deftness and facility. And sigh. Some of these notes and tones on the tenor saxophone, I swear they break my heart.

Chris Potter

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