Yes, I am selling my engagement ring.

But it’s so prettyyyyyyy.

I took my rings into Bailey’s today for a resale estimate, and the representative told me she’d pay $1,700 ($1,600 for the diamond + $100 for the gold). That was more than I expected. Reliable Pawn eyeballed the rings and said $1,000 for both, and Recycle Jewelry in Raleigh told me ~$500 (what crooks). I’m glad I shopped around, and for any who want to resell rings in the Raleigh / Triangle area, I recommend Dana at Bailey’s.

Here’s the thing though:

While I had decided to sell these rings and gone through the mental gymnastics of how much the cash will improve my life, i.e. pay for half of a roof, and that I don’t need these rings (who needs diamonds anyway?), well, being reminded of the “value” of the stone and how pretty it is and how clear and white and sparkly it is, well, all that gave me pause.

Maybe I want to turn this stone into a wedding ring and marry my damn self?
When will I ever have a stone this beautiful again?
To buy such a stone at retail price would surely > than using the stone I have? 

As Yul Brenner would say, “Et cetera et cetera et cetera.”

At this moment, I am processing the loss of the rings and all they symbolize one.last.time.
I don’t need them. I won’t miss them when they’re gone. I won’t get a lot of satisfaction out of wearing “my own wedding ring.” I will be happy to expedite some house repairs, e.g. these rings could completely pay for removing the trees in my yard that are threatening to take out my fence. And I won’t miss the rings when they’re gone! (Say it again.)

What I may do is take a few bucks from that sale and purchase a fantastic bottle of wine to enjoy with friends–or by my damn self–to bless and thank that period. I know I will enjoy this more than looking at a sparkly stone that can’t contribute to my quality of life.

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