Gratitude list, 2017.10.10

  1. My neighborhood. I love my hood so much!
  2. Being able to vote today!
  3. The lovely ladies at our neighborhood, polling place.
  4. Red lipstick
  5. My Matt on our team
  6. My Emmit too
  7. Next week’s piano lesson
  8. Charles Whitfield teaching me so much about myself and others.
  9. Tri, who reminds me I am brilliant and kickass but a dumbass when it comes to love, i.e., you will be ok, make some moves in your life.
  10. My still beating heart, thank God!

Today was a wonderful day. God, I love my neighborhood so much, in spite of having the shittiest house in it LOL. It’s mixed–with plenty of older people, young people, Black people, white people. And our neighborhood community center–and poll site–is one block from my house, and said center is situated within a neighborhood park. The ladies volunteering today to do elections duty were so nice; I must have been thanked five times, and I wanted to thank them for their service! In and out in five minutes, but not before joking with the ladies about how our ages go up every year on this voter ballot.

“Hey. We are getting better every year,” the volunteer said to me.

Right on.

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