I am DIYing repairs in the pocket palace, my 784-square-foot, not-quite-24-feet-wide, itty-bitty, box-of-a house.

First up–drywalling. When I bought this house in March, the foundation was sinking, and if you rolled a marble from any corner of the house, it would’ve rolled right to the middle of the house. That should have been my first clue that this house was meant to be razed.

In any case, when Drew and crew raised the foundation, every single wall in the house cracked. I waited three months for the foundation to settle and another three months out of procrastination and now here I am fixing the cracks in the drywall.

YouTube is my general contractor.

So far, this isn’t rocket science. There are more steps required than I would like, i.e., scoring the crack, sanding the edges, taping the crack, and I haven’t even gotten to spackling. I would not call this difficult work though.

The challenging question is, “what comes next?” This is such a shitty, little house, there are so many repairs to be made, and the repairs are interconnected. For example, as I am repairing the 20+ drywall cracks in the house, do I also repair the gigantic hole in the wall behind the kitchen cabinet? Or is that a part of a kitchen remodel and replacing the cabinets? In the meantime, what variety of insect life will come crawling through that hole, as it seems there is only vinyl siding on the other side of that hole? Am I stalwart enough to try to fix that shit myself?


This house is basically sticks and stones–a simple box. I feel undaunted thinking about how many of these repairs I could DIY myself. Maybe I could even build a front deck. Definitely I will leave the roof to professionals. But could I replace my bathroom sink? Yeah, I think so.

Is this the upside of being raised to take care of everything and everyone else in my life, that sometimes I feel invincible? Yeah, I think so.

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