Gratitude list, 2017.10.05 edition 

  1. A halcyon 5.5M run through downtown D.C. this morning
  2. A delicious coffee @wholepaycheck
  3. My Lyft driver Abdusallem. (I mistakenly got into the wrong Lyft vehicle, and when I realized my mistake, I asked to get out. The driver cursed me and called me “motherfucker” etc., when he had as much responsibility to check my identity as I did his. Abdusallem picked me up and reassured me and told me not to feel bad. We talked a little about his move from Libya to D.C. and his cousin in Charlotte, and I feel grateful to have met him.)
  4. The kindness of strangers. The two women outside the cafe who told off my first Lyft driver saying he should not verbally abuse others. People are kind.
  5. Congressman David Price, who is riding on this economy-class flight back to RDU. What a stalwart servant leader. I got to tell him, “Thank you for all you do for us, Congressman Price.”
  6. My MPA classmates Summar, Eric, and Whitney, who came out to meet me for a beer on a day’s notice.
  7. All the good in their lives–Eric looking for a place with his gf; Whitney moving in with her bf; and Summar buying a home.
  8. Chelsea, who understands the desire to live overseas again.
  9. Praying for and finally finding my car in the park and ride lot at RDU.
  10. Barbara Pherribo, who is so validating.

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