Gratitude list, 2017.10.03 morning edition 

  1. The Lovely Addict blog. Her post this morning was so right on and reminded me that my life is not about pursuing a man but getting to know and loving myself. I feel so reassured to know other women have faced the same situations.
  2. Steve. All the good and opportunity that is coming to Steve right now. That someone like Steve exists in this world. That I am reminded when I talk to Steve what I would like to have in a relationship, i.e. intellectual stimulation, that I did not have with Darrell. 
  3. A fridge full of food that my mother cooked. I know that cooking kept her busy yesterday and she prepared this food with love for me.
  4. The Gaggia. 10 years later, it is still such a luxury to have a cappuccino at home.
  5. My brother having a home. Yes, I am grateful he has a house he loves, and that my mother and I can crash and walk to the beach.
  6. My job and having a salary that lets me pay off my student loans, save for the future, and have a little house.
  7. Colette, Who is such a good friend she would accompany Diane to visit her father.
  8. Korea and this trip. Reminding me again there are unlimited ways to live my life other than the way I live it now. 
  9. Kakaotalk group chat that enabled me to connect my Korea cousins with my LA cousins and uncle. I love seeing them comment on each others’ kids and wish each other well. Brings tears to my eyes. 
  10. My health, thank you, God.

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