Noryangjin fish market

Guess who had a good time at the fish market in Seoul? Lol. Noryangjin is a really fun experience. Some of my most vivid memories in Seoul are at Noryangjin–my level 1 Korean classmates and I going together, and going with my hashing friends and Ape buying the biggest snow crab in the market for his on-out.

I took my mom to Noryangjin yesterday. 

The first view is impressive, looking down on the market from the balcony. 

Floor level is so stimulating. Live octopi, crabs, shrimp, lobsters, bivalves, flounder, anything you want, you can order it to eat in the restaurants upstairs or eat it raw on the spot. 

My mom wanted to eat 멍게 (sea squirt, meongkae) right away. She’s been talking about 멍게 for years and how much she loves it, and shit, I can’t understand, because I hate 멍게. It is so damn bitter! We ordered 5,000W worth, and it was not the taste my mother remembered. It’s true–you can’t go back. 

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