Gratitude list 2017.9.26

  1. My cousin, who is driving my auntie, mom, and me down to see our other aunties
  2. Eating three kinds of rice cakes in the car on this ride
  3. My mom getting over losing her phone finally
  4. My auntie being healthy after being sick for so long
  5. My cousin losing weight and being healthy
  6. My Kindle and downloading a new book
  7. Finding my high school classmate’s blog and reading about his roots quest
  8. Being able to eat anything I want on this trip. A byproduct of having no appetite this summer. With walking and Korean food being generally healthful, I’ve eaten rice cakes, barbecued pork, green tea ice cream, watermelon juice, grilled mackerel…yum!
  9. Realizing my conversation with Darrell was very validating. He told me what he loved about our relationship, about me, that I helped make him better, that I looked amazing, and even critiqued his gf a little bit, and I got to say all I wanted to say, then we shared a meal. Really, it doesn’t get better than that for a closure conversation.
  10. Going to my auntie’s to see my cousins and their kids and to eat her homemade food. Fingers crossed for homemade tofu..!

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