What if our weaknesses were strengths?

My friend Anthony says God blessed is with pain to be compassionate toward others.

Today, I have been thinking–what if our weaknesses are our strengths? Does that feel any different? I feel better about myself thinking this way. Being sad about the end of a relationship means I love someone and I am vulnerable enough to recognize and feel that. 

This summer, I feel like my guts came out, and instead of being on the inside, my soft, squishy parts are on the outside, and what I thought were my weak parts are, in truth, my strong parts. 

And I am strong. It takes strength to love people. And to let them go. And to love myself first. 

I miss Funke.

One thought on “What if our weaknesses were strengths?

  1. dddish says:

    Love your post! I have always thought that our weaknesses and challenges in life make us stronger. What’s the old saying about what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? I hope you are having a good weekend. Are you eating any stinky kimchee?

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