I am kicking @$$ at work.

This morning, we added a new board member to our organization. That’s $25,000 we are adding to our annual revenue. Shut the front door. I told my team if we got this company on board they wouldn’t be able to tell me shit for the rest of the week lol.

And we did it! I am so excited. This is a shot in the arm for my team and our board and for me personally with my confidence in being able to get shit done.

I have worked on “staying in my lane” these past few months. (Latest work buzz phrase, right? That one + “meet them where they are” are two I hear a lot lately.) I have a post-it note on my monitor with the six goals I have for myself for our organization this year + the three that are most important for me to meet, so we can have funding to do some cool shit. If I don’t reach these goals, all of the strategy and program development and navel-gazing I prefer to do will have been a waste of effing time.

So I have been working on staying in my lane. And that frees my guys up to stay in their lanes; E to work on membership recruitment, and M to focus on marketing.

I love it. I am kicking ass and taking names.

Also this morning, I met with a young woman from Duke University who has so much to offer the region, if she can find a job here, so we talked about her interests and brainstormed which connections we can make for her to keep her in the area. This part about my job I LOVE! Being in an industry organization, I am well-positioned to be a connector.

And–I am good at it. Moreover, I enjoy it.

I have a new appreciation for my job of late. Like, my negative thinking of the past (“we will continue to lose board members each year; it will be a failing on my part; I’m not good enough…” bullshit bullshit etc. more bullshit), I have left a lot of it behind. If I am going to be here in this job, I might as well kick ass. Why not? It takes just as much work to be here anyway. I credit this to the work I have been doing to understand my codependence and negative thinking, and (surprise!) that’s affected my work life too. I also, frankly, don’t care as much. Work is not my life. I have other goals in my life. I leave work not long after 5pm. But when I am here, for whatever time I am going to be here, I might as well KICK ASS.

So…it has been a good day, and it’s not even lunchtime yet.

I write this to remind myself I am powerful, respected, and kind. Acknowledging these strengths helps me love myself and will help me attract the success I want in my personal life (i.e. vibrant and committed love!) as it has in my professional life.

For anyone reading this, including my future self, recognize and claim your power.

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