I have always wanted to…

source: candychang.com

I.e. the bucket list, i.e. the Before-I-Die-I-want-to list…the August 22, 2017 version:

  1. Love myself completely*
  2. Be loved for all I am*
  3. Have a partner I am emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically connected to
  4. Live in faith and abundance
  5. Live in another country!
  6. Become an expert in something
  7. Start a business (Maybe a Korean spa in Raleigh)
  8. Give a child a home
  9. Learn to play an instrument*
  10. Learn another language
  11. Have a hearty conversation with my mom in Korean
  12. Act in a play
  13. Throw a block party
  14. Improve my community*
  15. Teach a middle school class
  16. Create a scholarship
  17. Take my mom on a wonderful vacation*
  18. Sit in lotus
  19. Go to a yoga ashram for a month
  20. Run a 7-minute mile
  21. Do a pullup (or a chinup)
  22. Rock a bikini*
  23. Organize all my photos in the cloud
  24. Memorize a song for the marai
  25. Complete my family tree
  26. Join a planning commission or a citizens committee with the city
  27. Compose a breathtaking photograph
  28. Hug a koala
  29. See the Northern Lights
  30. See the Southern Lights

*2017 doable

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