What do you do with engagement rings?

I have Googled this, and there are a zillion posts from people who are divorced or who have broken engagements. It’s kind of sad to read these posts from people who are fresh off of a breakup from someone with whom they thought they’d spend their lives.

In any case, I don’t have any sentimentality over my rings. Tula did a good job picking out the stones, and I loved both the engagement ring and my wedding band while I wore them. They were a little different–a pretty, radiant cut engagement ring and green diamonds in the band.

for memory’s sake

But but but, I need a new roof.
And I don’t know if I will get married again.
If I do, I don’t know that I will want a diamond or that I need to keep this diamond for a just-in-case scenario. And I need a new roof!I love the idea of selling this damn thing and getting $2K or $3K and not being in debt for a roof. Now, where to sell it, that’s another question. I will carry it down to some local jewelers this weekend to see about an estimate.

Next year, 2018, feels like financial freedom–refinance my rental house to pay off student loans and get this tiny house in shape enough to rent. Then…the world is my erster, as Harry Connick, Jr. says! I may move to Boston. I may get a teaching certificate. I may save money to travel. I don’t know yet. But right now, I love the idea of those wedding rings being of use.

3 thoughts on “What do you do with engagement rings?

  1. dddish says:

    I say move to Boston so we can hang out! I pawned my old wedding ring. Didn’t get enough to buy a roof but got some cash. Even if you get married again you will probably want something totally different and wouldn’t want to use the same stones.

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