I’m going to pray in 2014.

Ever seeking to operationalize my life, I’ve picked up Getting Things Done again and will finish it this month. I know there’s no silver bullet. My goal this year is to pick a small number of things I want to focus on–completing a family tree, sticking to a plan to maintain my Korean, calling and staying in touch with people I love, being able to juggle all the STGDs without stress. So I’ve been thinking first, finish the book. Next, think about that short list of important things for 2014. Third, find time to operationalize those important areas. Maybe, Korean on Mondays and Wednesdays and meet Eddie on Fridays for conversation. I think I can operationalize prayer too. Steve and I talked about writing thank you notes and expressing gratitude yesterday, and how those exercises end up making the communicator feel more positive. Anyhoo, I want to pray before bed, take a few minutes to think about people I know who are sick or facing difficulties and put focused, mental power to them getting better. Let’s start tonight with Kimmie.

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