Drive by mom visit

Mom did a drive by last night. Mr. Song had an immigration appointment in Durham, so they hung out at McDonald’s, until Ed and I got home.

Mom always arrives in a hurricane of shopping bags, plastic containers of food, and whatever OCD-binge over stock she has in her freezer, like eight packages of pastrami or whatever else was on sale.

We went to pick up my foam mattress then had dinner at Golden Corral, where Mom put every white food on her plate, and Mr. Song had fish followed by vegetables followed by fruit. Korean Jack Sprat and his missus.

Mom found Ed’s bong under the sink, which led to a lot of questions interspersed with, “Are you going to New Zealand? Do you still miss Steve?” and so on. I wonder where Eddie gets his ADD.

Ed came home from a late-night work task, and we both jimmied a boxspring up the spiral staircase, so I can sleep on a bed. We ended up sleeping in and having coffee together, only after Mom called to ask if that wasn’t really a crack pipe she saw.

It was a wonderful night. Mom had a good time, and I think Eddie also got some gratification out of buying us all dinner. I was rewarded by putting self-importance aside and business aside and enjoying the present with Ed and Mom.



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