moving on

Mo invited me for a run, and I saw Steve tonight. I didn’t die. I felt a little nervous inside, but mostly happy to see him, like all is right with the world, if Steve is in it. He’s so stinking adorable. Mo and I were talking, and he was nice enough to come over to say “hi”, that’s the kind of person he is. I don’t have any illusions that there is a chance for us. I want to be with Steve, but I know he’s moved on. It was just good to see him and cross that bridge. When the runners headed out, I naturally fell in step for a few feet behind Steve, such was my habit to meet him to run. God I would have loved to have had a beer with him, but I will be happy with having seen Steve and gotten to talk with him.

It was a good day in other ways. I chatted with a woman on the bus, someone who went back to nursing school in her late 30s. She struck up the conversation noticing I was outlining a law chapter. It was a good reminder to be in the moment and enjoy people. I also finished my communications class assignments, got to know a classmate a little better in the library and saw some old heads at the Nog. I don’t have Steve but I’ll be ok knowing he’s around and is happy.

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