critiquing your own presentations

is akin to running your fingernails down a chalkboard. (do any of my classmates know what a chalkboard is?) i listened to my airchecks for years when i worked in radio, but watching myself on video was still uncomfortable.

we had to deliver 5-minute presentations for our Professional Communications class. Professor Kelley O’Brien is sharp. she’s not teaching us rocket science, but she’s making us do what we might not do otherwise. we’re learning to edit ourselves and each other again and again and view communications as a process.

so my critique of my presentation (1:55:00) for nonverbal skills is

  • i stayed on one side of the room
  • my arms are praying mantis arms, like they’re hinged at the elbow
  • i need to stand up straighter

for verbal skills

  • sometimes i end sentences too low (depressing) and sometimes too high (like a question)
  • my speech can be too informal
  • i need to speak more from the diaphragm and not the back of my throat; sounds unnatural
  • overall, more intonation and passion

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