the upside of losing love

you lost him, and it hurts.
i hope this helps you through your heartbreak.

some takeaways from losing the person you love:

  • you feel pain because you love someone deeply. find solace in that. you are not incurably ambivalent and you know that now.
  • you’re alive and you know it, because your heart is broken. you feel emotions acutely right now. you cry, you laugh, you cling tighter to the people in your life. it is very good to be alive.
  • your friends love you. you told them about your stupid mistakes, and they agreed. you were stupid. somehow, they still love and support you.
  • you were amazing once, so amazing that this wonderful man fell in love with you. you still are that person, though you can’t see it because you’re sad. you can be amazing again, whatever that means to you. this will not win you back your love, but it will bring you joy in your life.
  • you’ve learned from this heartbreak and you won’t make this mistake again. the next time you find love, you’ll claim it.

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