friends as emotional crack

As long as there is a Fouzia El Gargouri, all is right in the world.
I’ve done some stupid sh!t this year, but if i can have a friend as loving as Fouzia, i have a lot. I thank god and Funke for bringing us together three years ago.


Fouzia and Funke

Fouzia and I hung out in her kitchen on Wednesday, and we spent time with her son Adam, who is now three. Just three years ago, he was in her belly. How is that possible? I’m having these moments of clarity daily. Life is you get older and then you die.

Fouzia caught me up on her life, and we talked about her husband Michael and mutual friends. Finally Fouzia asked how I was doing and said, “You don’t talk about your problems, Susan. You have to talk or you will become depressed.”

I told her about the mistakes I made this year with Steve, realizing I loved him and not doing anything about it. She listened and instead of making excuses, asked my why. Why did you do those things? We talked about why, and she had her own suspicions. Then she told me about her relationship with Michael and how they met, and I could see through her story, how beautiful life can be when you are honest with yourself and with others. Talking with Fouzia helped me understand myself more and released the valve on some of the sadness.

The remarkable thing about friendship is even at your worst, when you share your ugliest deeds, your friends can see the good in you and love you for who you are. It makes me cry to think about. What a gift friendship is.


Adam explaining the Christmas tree fire truck

So it was a good week.

I got to see Fouzia and my hood gals, Carole, Wendy B, and Wendy G.
Carole’s daughter is six, Wendy B is working on baby number two, and Wendy G moved to a new house while being treated for colon cancer. Thank god the doctors say she is clear.


Tri and I spent some time together at SparkCon waiting for fire dancers and eating Wake County’s creamiest ice cream. He is the most present person I know, able to enjoy the moment. I am lucky to have him as a friend after 15 years.


ice cream biter

To finish a good week, Brenda and I finally met up. She told me about her year, reconnecting with her father as he was dying and becoming a paralegal and moving out on her own. She was my date to The Lindy Lab, and she had a great time, which made me happy. With friends like these, I can learn to let go of Steve knowing I have a lot of love in my life.

Love and lindy.


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