it’s friday. i called my mother three weeks ago to ask her to send me copies of her passport and her citizenship papers. this could make visa renewal the next time i’m in korea a much smoother transaction.

simple enough. she makes copies and sends these to my brother, who can SMS them to me in real time.

checking in over the last few weeks, she said she wanted to fax them. (no!) remember our conversations about mailing them? fax resolution is terrible for taking documents to a government office.

i called to check in today. yep, she mailed them today, my last weekday in korea.

“well, i thought they were for eddie, not you.”
whuck does it matter if it’s for your son or your daughter? remember our phone conversations about needing these for my visa?
my mother’s response when something goes wrong–>this is why it’s not my fault.

two things to learn here:
do not rely on my mother.
i should have been on top of this situation calling her everyday. this was my responsibility.

(alright, i feel better for the venting now. this was not anything important at the end of the day.)

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One thought on “grrrrr

  1. SleepyMcGee says:

    This happened when you were trying to get to Korea, if memory serves me correctly..

    In fact…01/27/2012… full circle, eh. šŸ™‚

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