reverse racism in Korea

it doesn’t pay to be a gyopo in Korea. my co-teacher Jae told me on Friday that our gyopo teachers get paid ~$100 less each month than the white foreign teachers. forked.

i knew that some companies and thus, recruiters, do not hire gyopos. they advertise that criterion, which is forked upfront.
however, the recruiter i work for, LCG, does hire gyopos. they just pay gyopos less for the same work.

i make 4.8million KRW/month.
our aussie co-teacher, who’s been here for two years and works sans recruiter, makes 5.2M.
finally and forkedly, our gyopo teachers, who have two-three years of experience, make 4.7M. if anything, gyopos should net more than foreign teachers, as they have the benefit of being bilingual and bicultural.

our co-teacher julie quit in protest. with three years of intensive camp experience, she had a legitimate claim for a raise. LCG was able to hire another, younger gyopo in her stead. Jae, our gyopo co-teacher from seattle, stayed on and zipped his lips on the $100 difference.

what do you do?

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