eat that frog 2

i didn’t reach all of my goals from 2010, but i reached most and some i never believed were possible, like living overseas and learning korean and growing and moving on from the divorce experience.

here are my goals for 2013. 파이핑!

  1. i continue to speak korean. i have a daily and weekly method for becoming fluent.
  2. i enjoy my living situation. i can make coffee and cook for myself and friends.
  3. i have a focus area for my degree.
  4. i work to pay my living expenses. i’ve taken on only school fees as debt.
  5. i am contributing again to my retirement.
  6. i have dependable wheels, 2 or 4.
  7. i can run a 7:30mm
  8. i know how to make authentic cà phê đá.
  9. i’ve explored starting a vietnamese coffee shop.
  10. i have a plan to travel overseas next year.
  11. i’ve mastered many korean soups.

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