documenting wins

i like this idea about documenting daily wins:

Keep a wins journal: Every day, document all the wins, big and small, that accrued during the day. It might be as simple as making a follow-up call you’ve been meaning to do, or not losing your temper with a colleague that irks you. If you are trying to specifically improve your career confidence, highlight your wins on the job or job search, and any action steps you took to advance your search or career. Don’t forget to include general wins, like maintaining your exercise routine or making a date with your significant other. Your personal wins will improve your confidence in the professional arena. Over time, there are 2 benefits: 1) you will see all the things you have accomplished, and data that shows what areas are working; and 2) since you now have to document what you’ve accomplished, you have built in some accountability that will force you to actually get stuff done.

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