telling jokes in English

my guys, Durham class, started telling jokes at our farewell dinner last night.
i don’t remember how it started, but David said tall, lanky Louis looked like he was Swedish. from that, we joked round the table about what non-Korean country everybody came from.

Ryan’s from Japan, yuk yuk.
Kony’s from Mexico, haha.
Brandon’s from Polynesia.
By the time we got to big-boned Dean–Russian mafia–we were hysterical.

I don’t know why it was so d@mn funny.

I told my students being able to tell jokes in English shows how much they’ve learned.

Our lowest level class is called Los Angeles, and we have a husky-voiced, fast-talking, jet-black-haired 58-year-old in that class. After four weeks, James still has absolutely no w’s, but he’s the life of the class and the first to speak anyway. 

My co-teacher Julie has kept her age (31) a secret from the students, and they’re always trying to needle it out of her. 

Today, James pointed a crooked finger at Julie and said,

“You. 31. Maybe 32. Hmm, at most 35.”
Julie: “You. Get out.”
James: “Ahhhhh. Maybe true.”


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