congratulations, you’re having a cutie pie

in 1:1 consultation with students today, i asked my student daniel if he and his wife would learn the sex of their baby.  

learned today at samsung engineering camp:

i learned that by law, in korea, doctors are not allowed to tell you the sex of your baby. 
(the male-female baby birth rate still arcs above the average in some more conservative cities with 114 boys born for every 100 girls.)

to get around the law, doctors tell parents, “your baby looks strong and healthy” (boy) or “your baby looks so cute and pretty” (duh).

two different students told me today they wanted to have two children–first a daughter and then a son. if a family has a daughter first, the daughter will take care of the son. however, if it happens the other way around, the son will not take care of the daughter. 


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