The manly laundry list 3.0

The list is getting longer, as I’m getting older. Not a good trend.

  1. empathetic
  2. kind
  3. considerate – e.g., waits for others to order their meal; asks if I need anything
  4. smart
  5. funny, witty
  6. curious
  7. grateful
  8. honest and open – shares without being asked
  9. excellent communicator
  10. feminist – loves women for their uniqueness and individuality, not their collective necessity; doesn’t generalize about women or people; grew up with women
  11. generous – with time, money and spirit
  12. manly – he has strong values and convictions; doesn’t believe values are subjective; his friends are like-minded
  13. non-materialistic – experiences > things, but buys things when things are needed
  14. secure – doesn’t have to prove his worth in conversations with others; can make choices without needing others’ approval
  15. active – likes to do things on holiday
  16. self-motivated – doesn’t wait for others to plan activities
  17. in the moment – can plan but doesn’t have to
  18. physically active – likes to run
  19. self-aware – knows himself and his feelings
  20. non-narcissistic – doesn’t have to put others or their views find to justify himself
  21. loves children
  22. cosmopolitan – reads the news ; considers our place in the world
  23. physically attractive – physically fit and a twinkle in the eye
  24. frugal but willing to spend money on experiences and others
  25. complimentary
  26. loyal
  27. great conversationalist – talks and asks questions
  28. clean – cleans himself and his home well
  29. spontaneous or at least flexible and open to risk – plastic chair restaurants > expat experiences
  30. observant – still capable of childlike wonder over the small details of life and people

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