going back to school

huzzah. unc accepted me into their mpa program. i didn’t think i’d get in. maybe grad schools are hurting for tuition.

now i have that buyer’s remorse that always surfaces after getting something i want.
woody allen says it best in Annie Hall:

“i would never want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.”

i’m excited! i would like to enjoy the good news before ceding to the eternal self-doubt:

  • is this the best path for me?
  • how can i go back to grad school in nc when i’m enjoying living overseas?
  • wouldn’t it be better to attend a different school for my graduate ed?
  • can i transition this education and US experience into international work farther afoot?

tuition costs are not so bad. unc is ~$20K for the program vs. ~$17K for ncsu, not that ncsu has said “yes”. idk yet how i’ll work to live and go to school full-time. i don’t like the idea of student debt, but unc offered a $4K scholarship this year, which brings costs down to ~$17K.

i wish i made decisions more quickly. i admire people who can be all in and pack up their belongings into a station wagon and follow their true love across the country.

my process is deduction through kvetching.
i weighed international studies vs. mpa, deciding on public admin for the greater emphasis on economic development. lately, i’ve thought mpa vs. tesol, but think pursuing a discipline > pursuing an education degree. i could supplement with a TESOL or CELTA cert down the road to teach overseas. today, i’m wondering about nc vs. out-of-state or out-of-country.  the only in-country option that holds any appeal is being in WA to be near my dad. anywhere else would mean out-of-state tuition and no social network. i want to explore these last two options, WA or overseas, to be able to be content with going back to school at UNC.

for now, i’m excited and grateful.

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