Abe and Ed

Ed said Lincoln was superb. Sigh.
I would have liked to see this movie especially with my bro.
Eddie and Lincoln reminded me of the 60 Minutes interview with David McCullough a few weeks ago about Americans in Paris post-Independence. Charles Sumner, whose character is briefly included in Lincoln, traveled to Paris to study at the Sorbonne.

McCullough described that Sumner attended a class filled with colonial African students, dressed in the fashion of the day, interacting with other students. 

“They were standing in the midst of a knot of young men and their color seemed to be no objection to them. I was glad to see this, though with American impressions, it seemed very strange. It must be then that the distance between free blacks and whites among us is derived from education, and does not exist in the nature of things.” – McCullough

This was 1838, decades before the Civil War and long before Sumner influenced Lincoln’s personal beliefs. We canonize Lincoln, but we might not have had the Emancipation Proclamation without “The Crime Against Kansas”, which nearly killed Sumner.

D@mn, I’d love to shoot the sh!t over a good beer with my brother right now.
It doesn’t look like Lincoln’s opening in Korea anytime soon.

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