Obama FTW

Action vs. anecdote is how I’d summarize the latest presidential debate. Obama FTW.
The President was also a helluva a lot more respectful and restrained with Candy Crowley than Mitt Romney. I have to wonder if Ann Romney gets a word in edgewise.

On the glass ceiling
I loved how the President rightly reframed the Lilly Ledbetter Act as not a women’s issue but a family issue and therefore a national issue. Women are not a special interest group, thank you very much.

Romney’s return was to say, “I had more women on my cabinet than any other governor.”

Jobs after college
Again, Obama reframed job creation as an imperative for our nation not just individuals. He congratulated the student in the audience on his good fortune to be in college then steered the conversation toward educational opportunities for all, including community colleges which play a critical role in getting people back to work faster. In doing that, he kept the conversation from veering into entitlement land (woe is me, I can’t find a job) and showed he understands that education drives the economy.

Gov. Romney, in contrast, promised the young man a job in 2014 knowing not the student’s work ethic, self-marketing skills or the relevance of his major.

I think it’s telling that on major policy issues from the women’s rights to job creation, Romney used anecdotes from his life rather than programs he created to show his “populism”.

Having women on your cabinet, for example, is like John Tedesco saying he isn’t racist because he had a Latina girlfriend. Romney said he challenged his staff to find women for his cabinet, when they initially returned an all-male roster.

Romney should have already had a short list of female leaders (or a short list of leaders for his cabinet which included women) cultivated through years of corporate and government relationships as well as from running a corporation (which should have had an inclusive talent development policy). Red flag.

Tax credits
Romney’s economic plan scares the bejeezus out of me.
Did you catch his deflection of the tax credits question?

The woman in the audience explicitly asked if Romney would sunset middle class tax credits, including the mortgage interest, education, charity and child tax credits. Romney replied, without mentioning said credits, he would eliminate taxes on middle class America’s (those making $200,000 or less. I must be impoverished) savings accounts and capital gains.

So first, you have to be doing well enough to save money from your $200,000 annual income to avoid being taxed on it. But if you want to catch a break on buying a home, having a child, going back to school or otherwise contributing to your community and our economy, suck it.

Gah. Now I’m too riled for sleep.

One thought on “Obama FTW

  1. Tri says:

    Yeah, I am surprised how helping the middle class on their capital gains didn’t send people rioting. To me that was his “Let them eat cake” moment.

    That and his reply to women’s issues was, “Women need time off work to take care of the children!”. Classic.

    One more debate to go this Tuesday. Kinda wondering how the Romney camp is going to have him go. I suspect he will be more forceful and attacking. WHY he agreed on the topic being foreign policy makes no tactical sense! That is leaving Obama on a high note. Especially if Obama gets to go on the air and say they kill/captured the people who organized the Libya attack.

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