careers representing America

i chased the long tail today.

to research Korean companies with ops in the US and vice versa, i called the Korean Embassy in the US, the Korea Trade Center in Miami and last, visited the US Embassy in Seoul’s site.

is a career in the foreign service right for you?

no no no. i have a path planned out in economic development. i want to work build partnerships, connect students to opportunities, recruit and keep employers in my community. i don’t want to be interested in another career field. dammit, Jim. focus.

yet foreign service sounds fascinating and a lot like economic development.

leeanne nance says econdev is ideal for someone with career ADD, who likes to solve problems, do market research, manage projects, interact with a variety of people for the greater good, create solutions and build relationships. fs is all of this + continual travel.

there are potential downsides too. most important, how do you incorporate a family and children into this life?

but it’s enough right now to note the interest and do more research.
after leaving a job i really, really loved, it’s heartening to be excited about a career again.

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