kick in the pants

I’m prejudiced.
I discovered this last Friday when I lost my wallet. Not my best day.

Retracing the afternoon, I thought about the two places the wallet could be and the one place I wanted it to be. I crossed my fingers I’d left the wallet at my tenants’ home where I’d visited earlier in the day. This family calls themselves “the faith family” and every third word out of the mother’s mouth is “Lord” or “Jesus”.

If I’d left my wallet there, cool.
But, my wallet wasn’t there. Dread.

This meant I must have dropped my wallet at Walgreen’s, which is on a busy street in Durham, and sees traffic 24 hours a day. No chance my wallet would be returned at any establishment anywhere in Durham.

Driving to the drugstore, I thought about leaving my wallet in the school cafeteria at Sogang last winter. Someone turned the wallet into the office the next day, and I drew some tidy conclusions about the ethics of Koreans vs. Americans.

When I walked into Walgreens, I looked for the cashier who’d helped me earlier, a petite, Indian woman wearing eyeglasses. I hoped, rather than a customer or another clerk, this woman had found my wallet.

When the cashier saw me, her face registered recognition, and she asked if I’d lost my wallet. Whew. I thanked her profusely for finding my wallet, and she told me she didn’t. A customer found my wallet in front of the mascara display and turned it in.

I’m so ashamed of myself.
How many bigoted thoughts can a person have in just 30 minutes?
I have a lot of work yet to do on being biased.

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