Getting to know our family

So, I saw my aunt last weekend for the first time in 6 years and the second in 36.
For the first time, we could talk to each other.

My aunt has 5 kids, and I got to meet one of my cousins, 40 (at last, I can call someone 오빠), and his rugrats.

Emo told me about the last time our grandmother and mom came to Korea, and they all went to a karaoke bar.

Pong-ee emo works at the local Woori bank branch cleaning, and my cousin likes fried chicken and beer. His toddlers learn already English at their pre-school, and they repeated “apple” all day long. Pong-ee emo believes they’re brilliant.

“You look like your mom,” Pong-ee emo told me.
While eating noodles, “your mom always ate hot food really well. You eat like your mom.”

Fun getting to know our family.

you learn the peace sign from birth here.

i had to crop this photo, because boys in every nation eschew underpants.

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