Sudafed-less in Seoul

“I’ll just take the cough drops please,” I told the corner store pharmacist.
If I go to bed early tonight, my immune system will surely kill this cold, I thought.

Well, here we are on Easter Sunday. I still have a cold but no pride and no Sudafed.
Tomorrow, we take mid-terms, and every pharmacy is closed. I can’t even return to the corner store for the pharmacist to watch me eat crow.

So drugs being a non-option, I commenced the quest for chicken soup today.
You know how it is when you’re searching for something specific.

I could not find chicken soup at any restaurant or market it seemed.
Spam soup, yes. Shellfish bouillon, check. Chicken soup, fail.
Maybe the Chinese restaurant will have hot-n-sour soup.
Not on this side of town. Maybe not outside of America.

Being sick in a foreign country sucks.
I had almost reached the pity police, when I passed this store front two minutes from home:

chicken soup restaurant!

Dear God, I know not your methods.

I ordered the 반계탕/ pan gye tang—one half chicken served in its stock with spring onions and two urns of fresh kimchi and baby garlic on the side.

What a comforting meal.

before ordering the requisite rice, flip yo bird.

The soup came with a sake service and house-made ginger tea.
If you are sick in Sinchon, I will take you to 장수보감 / chang soo boh kam, which serves only chicken soup.

In the meantime, am I supposed to learn something from today?
Have faith;
Be patient;
Ask for help;
Check arrogance at the airport?

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