Traditional Ddukbokki

Last weekend, while walking from Gwanghamun to Gyeongbokgung Palace, I visited 통인 시장 (Tongin Market) for the first time. I am moth-to-flame when the word 시장 appears. Entering Tongin, I passed two soybean stew restaurants before seeing two 옛날 떡뽁기 (traditional pan-fried rice cake) stands. What is this? This ddokbokki 덕뽁기 doesn't look like standard … Continue reading Traditional Ddukbokki

Lost in conjugation

Do you remember your modals? My English students at Dongsuh Foods told me they learned in their Korean high schools that “could”, “would” and “might” have the same meaning in English. I let it go at the time, grateful we had understanding on “should” and “will”. Then Nu ri asks me last night, isn’t “shall” … Continue reading Lost in conjugation