Moon fish

I asked Hyeon Jin to give me one word to describe herself, and she picked moon.

I’m glad I didn’t make the mistake of asking for another word.

Hyeon Jin told me she dreamt of living on the moon, because she doesn’t like sleeping in a bed. On the moon, she will sleep on the moon floor and be able to fly. Her mother and aunts will live on the moon, and I can live there too. We will all eat moon bread and moon fish, but not earth fish which Hyeon Jin hates. On the moon, Hyeon Jin will wear heavy in-line skates to skate across. We won’t need airplanes, which take much money. We will fly.

Hyeon Jin told me this story as if she were describing what she ate for lunch.

Combined with her boyish haircut, orange specs, lanky frame and chapped lips, she is the most captivating person on the planet.

Tonight was my first experience teaching English to a 5th grader. I could not have imagined this sweet experience. For all the time I wasted worrying over running out of material, Hyeon Jin filled our 90 minutes with her questions and vivid responses.

I’m exhausted but wanted to share this name with you before I went to bed:
Yi Hyeon Jin.
We will see it again in 10 years, maybe less.

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