Happy new year!
We get Monday and Tuesday off for Lunar New Year. Huzzah.
Mid-terms ended this week with oral interviews on Wednesday and reading, writing and listening tests last week.

I timidly venture into more conversations with Koreans.

On the way to visit Amanda in Suwon Wednesday, I asked a woman at the subway station which transfer I should take. She explained where I should go and that she was taking a different train and if I had any questions in Korea “ask some kind Korean people, and the more Korean you know, the more convenient your life will be.” ~Something like that. And last night after getting lost on a run, a woman at the corner store explained how to get home by foot.

It’s fun to use Korean and exciting to recognize even 7% of what the other person is saying. In the classroom, we understand our teachers and each other, but outside of the classroom, well… I’ll be speaking Konglish to anyone who will talk to me from now on.

Today I went to singing class for the first time. We have weekly, optional pronunciation and singing classes to improve our Korean. There, the teacher picks a different KPOP song each week and you sing the lyrics verse by verse. Oh-em-gee. I have never read Korean this fast.

I don’t heart KPOP, but I am committed to conquering this song:

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