F4 Visa

I almost had an F4 visa. The application process has come full circle back to the original problem of my mother not having her US citizenship papers. (Horns sprout.) Who loses these important documents not once but twice? Who qualifies for an F4 visa? If you’re the child of a former Korean citizen or a … Continue reading F4 Visa


Happy new year! We get Monday and Tuesday off for Lunar New Year. Huzzah. Mid-terms ended this week with oral interviews on Wednesday and reading, writing and listening tests last week. I timidly venture into more conversations with Koreans. On the way to visit Amanda in Suwon Wednesday, I asked a woman at the subway … Continue reading lonely

Sogang University

I love Sogang. This may be the best Korean language program in the world. The top Korean language programs are likely here in Korea. Seoul boasts the nation’s top universities. Of these, Seoul National (top public), Yonsei (top private) and Ewha (top women’s) each have Korean language programs. And Sogang is widely considered the best … Continue reading Sogang University

Korean saunas

I went to a men’s jjimjilbang tonight. Walked down the stairs, saw a bare butt, walked back up and out. Sure enough, under the big red letters for sauna 사우나 I’d missed the little blue letters for male 남성. Oops. The clerk at the Family Mart directed me to another sauna two blocks away. Huzzah … Continue reading Korean saunas